7 Ways to Use Twitter to Boost Your Business

Dr. Nader Al Mallah

Dr. Nader Al Mallah
MD and Co-founder of
ideas Holding Group, Bahrain,
Business Strategist and Author

Although it has been available for quite long time, business just realized the importance of Twitter, and other social media as well, to become a global phenomenon in today’s business world. The service, which has around 190 million monthly users and handles some 90 million ‘tweets’ every day, is rapidly becoming a favored method of communication and engagement amongst businesses around the world.

But many business owners are put off Twitter. Often this is because they think it is a trend whose time will pass, but perhaps more frequently it is because they do not see how it will benefit their business.

If you think so, here are seven ways where you can get Twitter to help your business grow, help you to find new customers, and ultimately help to improve your bottom line.

1. Increase brand awareness
Twitter is great for building awareness of your business. The service is pretty meritocratic; if what you are talking about is interesting, your tweets will be picked up and seen by others. This can help to increase public awareness of your business – and this is the first step towards increasing your customer base.

2. Encourage customer engagement
Twitter offers businesses a unique opportunity to engage with their customers, and to build a community both online and offline. Engaging with the people who buy your products or services can help to boost trust, and it will encourage those individuals to talk about your business to other potential clients.

3. Boost repeat custom
Customers are more likely to return to your company if they feel that they have made a personal connection with it. Twitter is a great way to encourage these connections, and therefore boost repeat custom. Given that repeat business is the most profitable kind, you should give some thought as to how you can maximize this possibility.

4. Become a ‘thought leader’
Social media gives you the opportunity to position yourself as a leader in your field. If you know a lot about a particular area (particularly the area in which your business operates, obviously) you can boost awareness of your business by sharing your knowledge through Twitter. The most interesting users do tend to be retweeted and therefore more widely read – so don’t be shy if you have something interesting to share!

5. Engage with competitors
Social media is often more about collaboration than competition. In this spirit, tools like Twitter enable you to engage with your competitors in a unique way. You can gain a valuable insight by watching and talking to your competitors, particularly if they are already established in social media.

6. Listen to consumers
Twitter also provides a unique opportunity to find out what consumers are saying about you and your industry. This information can help you to build better products and services, and learn how to market them more effectively.

7. Learn something new
Finally, it is worth remembering that Twitter is a two-way channel. It is no use simply posting links to your website and expecting people to click; this is no better than spam. Instead, consider Twitter as a way to converse with, and learn from, customers, competitors and the public. You will get the most out of Twitter, and social media generally, when you are prepared to listen as much as talk.

Twitter is rapidly becoming one of the most important marketing tools available to business owners. By investing some time in Twitter you can help to boost awareness of your business, build your customer base, and improve your sales.


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