12 Tips for being a Good Leader


Dr. Nader Al Mallah

Dr. Nader Al Mallah
MD and Co-founder of
ideas Holding Group, Bahrain,
Business Strategist and Author

Keeping a project management team running smoothly can be a challenge, especially when budgets are lean and expectations are high. Every manager needs to figure out the best way to lead and motivate, but a few baseline principles will keep you, the leader, pointed down the right path. Here you go:
1. Know your role and authority limits
2. Understand the value of your employees
3. Always keep Fairness in mind
4. Treat Your Employees like ‘Adults’
5. Look for each member’s Strengths and leverage them
6. Always encourage Success
7. Give prompt, direct, and useful Feedback
8. Focus on long-term Success
9. Use mistakes as a learning tool
10. Realize that you aren’t an Expert in Everything
11. Delegate, and then get out of the way
12. Be a Cheerleader, biggest fan and strongest supporter of your team


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