How to Generate Traffic to your Website using Facebook?

Generate Web TrafficIn today’s marketing, generating traffic to your website using Facebook and other social networking sites is an opportunity which you must not miss. These social sites provide a great platform to not only find or make friends, but also to use for generating good traffic to any website or blog. Try the following simple steps.

You need first to create your FREE business Facebook profile and include a link to your website along with a brief introduction that shall encourage people to click it.
Make it a point to add new people (friends) to your profile everyday as the more friends you have, the more people your profile is shared with. The more people seeing your link on Facebook, the more traffic your website will receive, and more importantly, the more potential business it generates.

Start a Group related to your business and invite your friends to join your group so that you can prove to them that you are an ‘expert’ in your industry. Use this avenue for generating more sales for your business.

Join Groups related to your business, and have your friends join them so that you can share your views related to your business or industry in general, prove your expertise at your work and thus experience more sales.

Of course, you are not only targeting your friends, right?! So, don’t miss non-friends and people that are not on Facebook. Simply you can create a FREE Facebook Page. Facebook pages are indexed by search engines and are accessible by non-Facebook users.

Organize an Event based on or related to your business and use Facebook to promote it by inviting all your Facebook friends and thus increase your website traffic.

Facebook has a provision where you can advertise either a Facebook Page or your website and have more visitors arriving at your website. You can use the Facebook marketplace to sell your products and services and thus have more visitors to your website.

Lastly, but of course not the least, keep your Facebook Profile and Page always ACTIVE.

It’s so simple that you can do yourself. Just give it a try and keep watching your website traffic. You will certainly see a real, marked increase soon.

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