The Awful Mix up – Marketing Strategy vs. Tactics

People often use the terms ‘Strategy’ and ‘Tactics’, in general, interchangeably and in a random manner as if they mean the same. Browsing the internet to find out the differences between the two terms even makes the situation worse, as different websites, even professional ones, present misleading or wrong definitions and/or usage of those terms.

Whether you are running your own business or working for a business with the responsibility to develop or execute marketing strategies, it is very important to understand the big difference between a strategy and a tactic.

The purpose of this high-level presentation is to clearly delineate the distinct differences between Marketing and Tactics, and show how relate to each other and work in tandem for your organization.


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5 Big Mistakes Managers Make

It’s a fact: Everyone makes mistakes, and between mistakes lies the opportunities for success. However, this never means that mistakes are good. Indeed, they are sometimes fatal. This presentation highlights 5 Big Mistakes Managers make, and presents practical solutions to avoid them.

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Over 12 Specialized Job Vacancies Offered by ideas for Bahraini Jobseekers at the 10th Job Expo

ideas - Job Expo1ideas – Manama: Emphasizing its commitment towards employing and developing the national workforce, ideas Holding Group, Bahrain, had actively participated in the Tenth Job Expo organized by the Ministry of Labour of the Kingdom of Bahrain, 5-7 February, 2013.

More than 12 specialized job vacancies were offered by ideas for the jobseekers, covering fields and specialties. These include: IT Developers, Marketing Specialists, Sales Executives, Graphics Designers, and Registrars.

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10 Habits That Exude Success


success formulaI cannot emphasize the word discreetly enough.

If you trumpet all your achievements and pricey possessions, you will lose everyone’s respect. You want people to know that you’re making it without coming off as a boaster; slip things into conversation casually. State your accomplishments as matter-of-factly as possible without the detailed trimmings, or slip them into stories.

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How to Generate Traffic to your Website using Facebook?

Generate Web TrafficIn today’s marketing, generating traffic to your website using Facebook and other social networking sites is an opportunity which you must not miss. These social sites provide a great platform to not only find or make friends, but also to use for generating good traffic to any website or blog. Try the following simple steps.

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7 Ways to Use Twitter to Boost Your Business

Dr. Nader Al Mallah

Dr. Nader Al Mallah
MD and Co-founder of
ideas Holding Group, Bahrain,
Business Strategist and Author

Although it has been available for quite long time, business just realized the importance of Twitter, and other social media as well, to become a global phenomenon in today’s business world. The service, which has around 190 million monthly users and handles some 90 million ‘tweets’ every day, is rapidly becoming a favored method of communication and engagement amongst businesses around the world.

But many business owners are put off Twitter. Often this is because they think it is a trend whose time will pass, but perhaps more frequently it is because they do not see how it will benefit their business.

If you think so, here are seven ways where you can get Twitter to help your business grow, help you to find new customers, and ultimately help to improve your bottom line.
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